MINATEC projects win big in 2014 start-up contest

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Published : 6 October 2014

What do fabless semiconductors, gallium-nitride-on-silicon power transistors, electrostimulation patches to treat pain, and a motion-powered energy generator have in common? All four are MINATEC R&D projects that won awards in July (along with three other non-MINATEC projects) in France’s 16th national tech start-up contest, now called “I-Lab.”
A total of five Grenoble-grown projects (eVaderis, Exagan, Genel, ISKN, and EnerBee) won business creation and development awards; another two (Stimflex and Sylfen) won emerging business awards. This impressive sweep is not only an improvement over last year (five local projects won awards in 2013), it also highlights MINATEC’s capacity for innovation, given that the campus boasts as many winners—more, in some cases—as most of France’s regions.

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