MINATEC soon to get the keys to two brand-new buildings

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Published : 2 February 2015

The MINATEC campus will soon get 11,500 sq. m of additional space with the completion of two new buildings: the Competency Center Building (BCC), which will house 550 staffers, and the 700-capacity Phelma Auditorium and Conference Center.

The Competency Center Building (BCC) will offer 10,000 sq. m of floor space on eight levels and will house some 550 staffers. CNRS teams will occupy the first floor, while CEA-Leti will move in to the rest of the building. The CEA-Leti executive suite will be located on the seventh floor. Interior finish work, partition walls, and signage are currently in progress to get the buildings move-in-ready by Q3 2015.

The BCC is worth a special mention as the Presqu’Ile Scientifique district’s first smart-grid-enabled building. In particular, the building’s HVAC can be put into standby mode during peak electricity demand.

The new, 1,450 sq. m Phelma Auditorium and Conference Center will give the engineering school the perfect venue for commencement ceremonies and other major events—something the campus had been lacking until now. The ground-floor auditorium boasts 500 seats and a cafeteria (managed by the CROUS student catering service), and a total additional capacity of 200 for the two conference rooms upstairs. The primary use of the auditorium will not be for regular classes. However, its modular design can be adapted to meet a broad range of needs, including hosting outside events—a source of revenue that will help offset facility management costs.

In other construction news, ground will break on the nearby Software Design Center (CCL) in March. The 2,900 sq. m building will open its doors to some 140 Inria and CEA staffers in H1 2016.

Contacts: remi.renzoni@cea.fr; gilbert.baup@grenoble-inp.fr

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