MINATEC spins off six start-ups in Q1 2014

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Published : 1 April 2014

Since January, MINATEC has spun off four start-ups, with an additional two just over the horizon. While this is a new record for the innovation campus, it is largely to chance! The new companies are:

  • ISKN, maker of the iSketchnote smart iPad cover that digitizes handwritten notes and drawings
  • Pollen Technology, a specialist in data fusion for metrology for microelectronics-industry applications
  • Aryballe Technologies, which is developing a portable odor-detection device for patients who have lost their sense of smell
  • Enerbee, which is developing a self-powered generator that harvests energy from very slow movements
  • Exagan, which is developing power components made from gallium nitride on silicon
  • Genel, a specialist in high-content, high-throughput molecular screening using RNAi


Contact: alain.briand@cea.fr





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