MINATEC strengthens ties with Shanghai’s Sitri institute

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Published : 6 June 2016

Shanghai’s Sitri research institute and MINATEC have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a framework for ongoing talks that should result in a partnership agreement. Sitri, which specializes in More than Moore solutions, would like to intensify its activities in the field of IoT, focusing on topics like MEMS and sensors, RF technologies for 5G, RF on SOI, ultra-low-power communications, and FDSOI technologies.

If the potential partners finalize an agreement, it would be signed with Leti and would generate direct benefits for Grenoble’s high-tech ecosystem. It would also strengthen Sitri’s relationship with Soitec, which began in 2014 with an RF-SOI agreement, and would support Sitri’s current talks with STMicroelectronics. Finally, an agreement would accelerate the adoption by Chinese manufacturers of FDSOI technologies, which originated mainly in Grenoble.

Contact: jean-charles.guibert@cea.fr

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