MINATEC TV keeps on growing

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Published : 3 December 2012

Two new videos have just been posted on the MINATEC TV website (www.minatec.tv): “The Titan Ultimate™ Electron Microscope” and “Wafer Bonding.” The former discusses the nanotechnology characterization platform’s new instrument, while the latter shows how the performance of electronic components can be enhanced by bonding silicon wafers. These two videos complete the first season of application-related videos on MINATEC TV.
The second season, slated to begin in 2013, will appeal to a broader, non-specialist audience. New videos will focus on explaining the complicated technology being developed at MINATEC in simple terms. To date, MINATEC TV offers five thematic channels with a total of 64 videos available in both French and English.

Contact: armelle.domas@cea.fr

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