MINATEC welcomes US Ph.D. students in nanocharacterization

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Published : 1 April 2014

As part of the inaugural edition of FADEx, the French-American Doctoral Exchange seminar, the French Embassy in Houston organized a trip to France for a group of ten US Ph.D. students in nanocharacterization.
The visiting Ph.D. students attended lectures on the latest developments in nanometric chemical analysis in Toulouse before travelling to Grenoble on March 20–21 to tour MINATEC, GIANT, Institut Néel, ESRF, and the Nanocharacterization Platform.
The trip also provided a valuable opportunity to raise the young researchers’ awareness of career opportunities in Grenoble. A cocktail reception held at the end of the trip was attended by the US Consul General, representatives of the City of Grenoble, and Grenoble researchers.

Contact: amal.chabli@cea.fr



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