M&NEMS gets first design kit

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Published : 2 February 2015

CEA-Leti’s M&NEMS technology, which has already been transferred to Tronics for use in the manufacturing of ultra-miniaturized sensors, recently got its own Cadence design kit.

The kit offers up more than 110 Calibre rules and 11 automated drawing programs for sensor components like the pivot, mobile mass, comb drive, and electrode.

The kit also generates a predictive image of etching results to enable designers to validate the positioning of the etch release holes—a feature noteworthy enough to have been published in two articles. The kit is being used for the first time every by Polytechnic University of Milan in an EU project leveraging M&NEMS technology. CEA-Leti will also make the kit available to industrial partners engaged in R&D contracts with the institute.


Contact: marjorie.gary@cea.fr

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