Moovlab, still in its incubation phase, wins first customer

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Published : 4 December 2017

It is pretty uncommon to see a startup make its first sale while still in the incubation phase. Moovlab, which specializes in interactive training circuits for fitness clubs, has done just that! The company has just delivered its game (developed with game designer Urban Expé) “Escape to Mars” to Keep Cool, France’s third-largest chain of fitness clubs.
Here’s how the game works: four to twelve players have to try to get to Mars on board a hybrid spaceship whose navigation system has failed. The game lasts for 45 minutes and players wear sensors that display their level of physical activity in real time on a screen. Players encounter different situations (low fuel, an imminent collision…) where they must bike, row, box, or do other physical activity—which makes for a fun and entertaining workout.


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