Morphosense precision structural-health monitoring

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Published : 5 December 2016

In the future, major structures like bridges, dams, tunnels, railroad tracks, oceangoing vessels, cooling towers, and wind-turbine blades could be instrumented with Morphosense’s MEMS accelerometer networks.

Morphosense is a Leti spinoff founded in mid-2016 to develop a precision structural-health monitoring system leveraging ten years of R&D. The system, which consists of sensors mounted at strategic points of the structure being monitored, is capable of measuring in real time structural deformations of 100 microns per meter and vibration—both good indicators of structural health.

The company has signed a joint R&D contract with Leti for an automated calibration method and is currently focusing its sales efforts on Canada and Asia. An initial round of fundraising is planned within the next year.



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