Movea acquired by US-based InvenSense

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Published : 6 October 2014

Just seven years after it was founded, Movea was acquired by US-based InvenSense this summer. Movea’s CEO Sam Guilaumé had been gearing up for the deal for a year and a half. He had informed the French company’s shareholders of the planned acquisition, moved to California, and contracted a US investment bank to handle the transaction. In all, Movea was presented to 34 potential buyers.
Meanwhile, sensor-maker InvenSense was seeking to acquire companies that could round out its existing product lineup and bring added value to its products. Movea, which is at the leading edge of multisensor data fusion, fit the bill perfectly. It has around 50 employees in Grenoble and plans to continue its activities here, including its joint lab with Leti.




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