MultiX raises €4 million of fresh capital

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Published : 3 December 2012

MultiX, a developer of X-ray spectrometric detectors for luggage inspection and other security applications, has just raised €4 million from six investors. This is the start-up’s second round of fund raising; the first in January 2011 brought in €3 million.
MultiX’s high-performance systems, developed in association with Leti, offer a fast, reliable, and low-cost method for detecting suspicious substances in luggage and parcels. The market offers strong potential. Passengers on US and European flights will again be allowed to take liquids with them on airplanes in 2014, and some 2,400 luggage scanners will need to be upgraded in the US alone. The company has formed major partnerships with scanner manufacturers and should be ready to produce its X-ray detectors in large volumes starting in 2014.


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