My Cube experiments with in-memory computing

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Published : 5 February 2019

Does separating circuits’ logic and memory still make sense? Especially when we know that transferring data from one to the other is the biggest culprit when it comes to energy consumption? The Leti researchers gearing up to kick off the My Cube project on March 1 are convinced that the answer is no. The project, backed by the ERC to the tune of €2.75 million, will develop an original in-memory computing solution to the problem.

Silicon nanowire transistors and non-volatile resistive memory will be physically embedded using 3D integration. The interconnect density will be very high, with a pitch of 100 nm or, possibly, even less. Leti’s aim is to produce a circuit accelerator that uses 20 times less energy than a conventional state-of-the-art von Neumann circuit.


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