Nanocharacterization Platform turns ten

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Published : 6 June 2016

Nanocharacterization Platform partners Leti, Liten, and INAC will celebrate its tenth anniversary in September. Platform employees and other stakeholders having contributed to its development will celebrate the milestone at a day-long scientific and commemorative event retracing the facility’s past and presenting its plans for the future.

The platform is unlike any other facility in the world, bringing together in a single location around 50 pieces of equipment covering a broad range of research needs. Certain equipment—like the Titan Ultimate transmission electron microscope offering a 0.5 angstrom resolution—is the most powerful in the world. Other, more standard equipment offers advanced features, like a scanning electron microscope that halves crystallographic imaging analysis times. The facility provides MINATEC researchers with a truly state-of-the-art resource.



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