Nanoelectronic Devices, an open-source scientific journal

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Published : 5 December 2016

Publisher ISTE recently released Nanoelectronic Devices, a scientific journal available in English and French free of charge for both authors and readers. The journal will be published several times per year and the peer review committee members—including experts from the CNRS, Leti, and Soitec—are all Grenoble-based. Francis Balestra of IMEP-LaHC is the Editor-in-Chief.

Nanoelectronic Devices publishes articles from 5 to 20 pages in length. Possible article formats include research results, literature reviews, and state-of-the-art review articles on topics like FD-SOI, multigrid, and ultra-low-power components; nanowires; 2D technology; non-volatile memory; DRAM; SRAM; PCRAM; RRAM; MRAM; and nanoelectronics circuit and system design, technology, modelling, and characterization.


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