Nanoimprint lithography: Grenoble kicks off industrial evaluation

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Published : 8 December 2015

Since this summer, Leti has been in charge of Inspire, an industrial evaluation program for nanoimprint lithography. The program’s launch was attended by over ten manufacturers, including Toshiba, Arkema, and STMicroelectronics. In addition, Austria’s EVG, who already hosts demo campaigns, plans to provide the program with one of its most recent nanoimprint machines by the middle of 2016.
Nanoimprint lithography is used to replicate nanostructures that can be integrated into electronic circuits present in bioMEMS, photonics, and LEDs. Although less costly than optical and electronic processes, nanoimprint lithography does require special designs, materials, and operating conditions. The Inspire program will enable Leti to get this innovative technology scaled up for industrial rollout as quickly as possible..



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