Nanonet-based sensors could work for medical applications

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Published : 8 December 2015

FMNT will be coordinating an EU Horizon 2020 project on 3D CMOS integration of nanonet-based sensors for medical applications. The project will kick off in February 2016. Research will focus on using model molecules to evaluate the potential of applications like breath analysis for diabetes monitoring, and circulating tumor DNA detection for cancer monitoring. While the potential applications are clinical, the research outcomes targeted are technology focused. FMNT is already making and studying nanonets, made from random networks of nanowires. Now the researchers must determine whether the nanonets can be integrated onto CMOS circuits in a way that meets stringent compactness, effi ciency, and cost demands.
The nanonets will be integrated by KTH in Sweden or by FMNT for circuits fabricated by ams AG in Austria or Cambridge CMOS Sensors in the UK. Institut Sinano in France will provide project management.


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