NanoSAFE 2018 to zoom in on nanosafety and responsible use of nanomaterials

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Published : 1 October 2018

The nanoSAFE conference, to be held at MINATEC on November 5–9, 2018, is expected to bring in nearly 400 attendees. This is the sixth edition of nanoSAFE, which is held every two years.  This international event, unique in Europe, gives nanosafety stakeholders a valuable opportunity to catch up on the latest R&D on nanomaterials-related health, safety, and security issues—and more! In addition to risk assessment, nanoSAFE 2018 will also provide a forum for discussing the responsible handling of nanomaterials by the companies that use the materials, as well as regulatory issues. The 2018 conference will also address urban pollution and ultrafine particles, two topics that were raised at the 2016 conference. Industrial users of nanomaterials and nanomaterials professionals will also speak at this year’s event, covering topics like nanomedicine.


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