Nanosafety building slated to open in H1 2013

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Published : 3 December 2012

Construction work is on track for the new nanosafety building on the CEA campus in Grenoble. The 6,000 m2, low-energy-consumption-certified building is scheduled to open in the first half of 2013. Some 150 nano-experts will work in the new building, including Liten researchers, trainers from the French National Institute of Nuclear Science (INSTN), medical testing specialists, and workstation monitoring staff.
This is the first time such a vast array of skills will be grouped at a single site devoted to nanosafety. The nanosafety team will work in conjunction with the French National Institute of Industrial Environmental Risks (INERIS), the French National Institute of Workplace Safety (INRS), and corporate partners to carry out the workstation monitoring required for R&D work. The team will also use equipment at the CEA Technology Research Division’s nanocharacterization platform.

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