Nano@school offers high-schoolers two new workshops

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Published : 6 October 2014

This year, Nano@school, which gives high-school students an introduction to nanoscience research, is offering seven workshops—including two that are totally new.
The Sensors and Microsystems workshop will be held at the CIME Nanotech lab of the same name. Students will be exposed to the sensor and measurement chain concepts covered in the high-school science and technology curricula. The Nanosafety workshop will be held at the Nanosafety Platform, and will address the physical principles of air pollution by nano-sized aerosols and protective measures.
Around fifteen classes—comprising more than 350 students and nearly 40 teachers—are expected to attend the workshops, which will be run by 40 researchers and teaching faculty from Grenoble University Joseph Fourier School of Science, Grenoble Institute of Technology, CEA, and CNRS with the support of the IRT Nanoelec research institute and the Grenoble School District.




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