Nanotech program enrollments 75% international

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Published : 2 April 2015

The international micro and nanotechnology program Nanotech is ushering in a particularly cosmopolitan class this year. Of the 38 students accepted into the program, 20 are from Italy and 9 are from France. The rest come from Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Vietnam, and elsewhere. In terms of gender representation, however, there is still room for improvement; just a quarter of the incoming class this year is female.

Launched in 2004, Nanotech is a joint international Master’s program offered by Politecnico Di Torino, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and Grenoble Institute of Technology. Today, it is one of Phelma’s most sought-after programs. Because all courses are taught in English (except foreign languages, of course), the program garners particular interest from students from outside France. International students at Phelma (on their Erasmus exchange) often choose to register for some of the Nanotech courses.


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