Nanowire-based transistors closing the gap with CMOS

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Published : 30 November 2014

Tunnel-FET transistors offer leakage currents 100 to 1,000 times lower than those of MOS transistors, making them serious candidates in the run for tomorrow’s very-low-energy applications. Until now, the transistors had been limited by their on-state currents, which were much lower than for MOS transistors. CEA-Leti researchers overcame this hurdle using nanowire technology. At on-state currents of 760 µA/µm, nanowire-based transistors doubled the previous state of the art, delivering close to the 1,000 µA/µm of traditional CMOS technology.
The new components feature opposite doping for the drain and source, and the channel located under the grid is comprised of a 7-nanometer-diameter silicon-germanium nanowire. Intel and Global Foundry are taking part in the research under the EU Steeper project.


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