Nanowires: overcoming very large differences in lattice constant

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Published : 5 October 2020

Lattice constant is a measure of how structurally compatible two materials are. Researchers from Irig and Institut Néel recently reduced these differences for GaAs/InAs (gallium arsenide/indium arsenide) nanowires. Their approach was to form a 5 nm ternary (InGaAs) alloy interface between the materials. The alloy’s composition transitions from a composition close to GaAs to one closer to that of InAs.
This gradient effect, achieved using epitaxial growth, is the work of a PhD candidate currently conducting research with the team. Characterization of the interface revealed no defects and minimal strain for an initial gap in lattice constant of 7%. The researchers feel that gaps of up to 11% would be acceptable, something that could open the door to new systems with advanced optoelectronic properties.


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