National i-Lab competition recognizes four CEA Tech projects

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Published : 3 October 2016

Once again this year, CEA Tech startups have brought home a bumper crop of awards in the i-Lab national competition for innovative tech startups. A total of €820,000 will go to the following four projects:

  • EnWires, founded in 2016, is developing new electrode materials for Li-ion batteries leveraging high-quality-silicon nanowires
  • Sublimed, founded in 2015, is working on transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation to treat chronic pain
  • Motion Recall, founded in 2016, is developing an action camera with 360-degree and 3D capabilities for consumer-grade virtual reality
  • e-PiKure, a planned startup, is working on pain treatment with a system to stimulate the release of intracerebral endorphins



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