National Inno’Cup Jr Championship: Grenoble hosts the high-caliber finals

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Published : 5 October 2015

MINATEC played host to the fourteen finalist teams in the Inno’Cup Jr—a competition for innovators aged fifteen to eighteen—arriving from all over France this past summer to present their work. From a device that transforms walking energy into electricity, to antiseptic chewing gum, to a double bass the size of a ukulele, the teams’ innovations dazzled the jury. But the grand prize went to the team that presented a pioneering pair of connected glasses that use echolocation and geolocation to generate an audio guide to help the visually-impaired to explore their environment and find their way more easily.
The two sixteen-year-old grand prize winners, who attend the high school in Bourgoin-Jallieu, will fly to California on October 24–31 to visit major US research centers and corporations.

To watch a video of the grand-prize-winning innovation:


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