New energy technologies gain traction at INSTN, France’s national institute for nuclear science and technology

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Published : 5 October 2020

Operating under the aegis of the CEA, INSTN provides highly-specialized science and technology education and training for the nuclear industry. But INSTN has another side you might not know about! The institute is also actively developing continuing professional development courses to support the CEA’s broader strategy. Specifically, the new offering will address new energy technology and renewable energy with courses from one to three days, depending on the topic.
A one-day training course entitled “The Energy and Environmental Transitions: Challenges and Opportunities,” which had been offered previously under a different name, is on the new program, along with courses on solar photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, and fuel cells. Additional short courses on lithium-ion batteries will be added in 2021. Complete course descriptions are available online.


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