New in biomaterials: observing bone regeneration in 3D

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Published : 30 November 2014

Amy Wagoner Johnson, a leading American biomaterials scientist, has been working on site at LMGP since July under the Fondation Nanosciences chair of excellence program. Wagoner Johnson’s research focuses on cell-to-cell and cell-to-biomaterial interactions in bone repair and regeneration processes. And her work stands out in two ways. First, she creates realistic microenvironments in the form of rigid 3D substrates covered with biomaterials and, second, she conducts both in vivo and in vitro experiments in a unique iterative process.
High-definition electron microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and confocal microscopy are being used to study these biomaterials at the micro- and nanometric scales. Scientists from four Grenoble-based labs* are involved in the three-year program.

*LMGP, IAB, SIMAP, and Liphy


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