New industrial chair to democratize infrared technology

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Published : 1 October 2022

The Deep Red industrial chair was created by Grenoble INP Foundation and IR detector manufacturer LYNRED to bring the power of infrared to everyday use cases.
Three Gipsa-Lab research faculty are involved in the initiative, which will create opportunities for a number of engineering students.

Infrared imaging technology, once reserved for fields like space and defense, is now making inroads into use cases ranging from building energy audits and greenhouse gas monitoring to advanced driver assistance systems and industrial quality control.
One of the main challenges is how to make it easier for new, non-specialist users to interpret IR images characterized by significant noise and much lower contrast than conventional visible-light color images.
The new chair will investigate how to generate new images that borrow certain features from IR and others from color to emphasize the important information.

Three PhDs and four Masters projects over five years
The chair will also explore how to use artificial intelligence to automate the processing of IR images with features like noise reduction, object detection, and data fusion.
The five-year industrial research chair is affiliated with Gipsa-Lab, which will assign three of its scientists to projects, and with UGA engineering schools Grenoble INP – Ense3 and Grenoble – INP Phelma. Engineering school Polytech and psychology and neurocognition lab LPNC, also at UGA, will contribute to the chair.
LYNRED will allocate substantial resources to three PhDs and four Masters projects to support the researchers.

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