New insights into spin-orbit torque

Categorie(s) : News, Research

Published : 1 October 2018

How is it that spin-orbit torque can be either positive or negative in ferromagnetic bilayers? And how can the materials be combined to obtain optimal properties? Researchers at INAC worked with their peers from the US to gain new insights into these questions. They completed a theoretical study of a Rashba-type spin-orbit coupling system.   The study established and quantified the relationship between SOT and the longitudinal component of the spin current in this type of system. The study also showed that the SOT sign change could be explained by the difference in electrostatic doping depending on the types of materials at the interfaces. The results are of great interest to technology experts. SOT could make magnetization switching in a ferromagnetic layer possible, without the need for an external polarizing element.>


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