Next stop for CEA Tech’s traveling showroom: Tokyo

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Published : 5 October 2015

October will mark the arrival of the CEA Tech showroom in Tokyo, in celebration of the Year of Franco-Japanese Innovation. The foyer of the French Embassy in Japan will host the traveling exhibit for at least six months. The CEA Tech Japan office will take advantage of the showroom’s presence to promote its innovation expertise to Japanese manufacturers.

A second traveling showroom has been built and will be exhibited at numerous events in France in the coming months, including COP21, the 70th anniversary of the CEA, the 10th anniversary of the Instituts Carnot, and the IoT World and BioFIT trade shows. CEA Tech is also looking into the possibility of a traveling European showroom.

On the topic of CEA Tech showrooms, two permanent exhibits with a range of demonstrators are already on display in Toulouse and Metz, and three others will be built in Nantes, Bordeaux, and Lille by April 2016.



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