PhD career placement one of IRT Nanoelec’s new priorities

Categorie(s) : Education, MINATEC, News

Published : 2 April 2015

IRT Nanoelec is rolling out a new strategy for 2015–2017 with three main pillars. One of the pillars is career placement for PhDs in electronics. IRT Nanoelec will be working with Grenoble-Alps University’s Doctoral School using data from the Employment Observatory to come up with a more accurate picture of PhDs’ prospects. The goal is to identify areas for improvement throughout the PhD program.

The two other pillars of IRT Nanoelec’s new strategy will pursue the objectives of the 2012–2014 strategy plan. First, the institute will continue to support the technology platforms (CIME Nanotech, Predis MHI, and Esynov); second, it will continue to contribute to joint Grenoble Institute of Technology-GEM degree programs like the Master’s in Big Data and the Technical Management continuing education program.


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