Phelma: 2017 admissions open to graduates of additional science prep programs

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Published : 6 February 2017

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school will be saving two slots next fall for students coming out of preparatory classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science (formed when the Biology and Veterinary prep programs merged).
This is the first time the school’s admissions policy allows students from these programs to apply. The goal is to see how broadening admissions to chemistry students works out, given that the entrance exam is more physics-oriented. If it is a success, it could be expanded to a larger scale, similar to what was done in 2015 for applicants from the Technology and Industrial Sciences prep program. In 2016, six students from this prep program were admitted.
The longer-term objectives for the school are to foster a more diverse student body and to balance out the number of students enrolled in the different majors starting in their second year.





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