Phelma lobby decked out in art and science

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Published : 8 December 2015

The three mezzanine levels visible from the Phelma lobby have been transformed by an art installation titled Les Balcons de Turing (Turing’s Balconies). The work, by Alexandre Perigot and Solang Production, is made up of three glittering stainless steel lace-work balconies, with patterns evoking zebra, giraff e, and leopard hides. But what does the African savannah have to do with an engineering school, you ask? Alan Turing, of course! The famous British mathematician and computer science pioneer was deeply interested in morphogenesis and came up with equations to decipher and model animal prints.
The installation is the result of a law requiring government agencies (the Isère General Council, in this case) to allocate 1% of the total cost of new buildings to a work of contemporary art.


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