Philippe Mallein, Knight of the French National Order of Merit

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Published : 10 June 2013

In a ceremony at MINATEC on March 26, 2013, Jean Therme, head of France’s Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA), awarded the Knight of the French National Order of Merit medal to Philippe Mallein, an innovation and user-driven design consultant for CEA-DRT and for MINATEC’s IDEAs Lab, which he helped establish.

Mallein sees himself as an anthropologist for user-driven innovation. For the past 40 years he has been studying innovation from a user perspective, looking at the changes that a new technology can bring to users’ day-to-day lives: their habits, know-how, identity, and surroundings.

Mallein used his hallmark multidisciplinary approach to develop a user-driven innovation method called CAUTIC , for which he won the CNRS Cristal Award in 1999.



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