Photonics platform delivery date pushed back

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Published : 5 December 2016

Delivery of the six-level, 12,800 sq. m photonics platform was originally scheduled for early November, but has been pushed back to January due to construction delays and the results of certain tests. The contractor that won the bid will have to put additional resources on the job to complete construction. The CEA has set up a dedicated team to keep a very close eye on the construction project on a day-to-day basis to ensure that the building will meet all specifications.

The unforeseen issues on the project will push back the opening of the platform by at least two months. The 230 Leti-DOPT employees to be assigned to the platform will have to wait until early March to start moving in. These employees are currently spread out over five different locations and use around 360 pieces of equipment for their research. These resources will still be transferred to the new platform in 2017, but the schedule is currently being revised in light of the construction delays.



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