Photovoltaics: the sensitized p-type cell takes off

Categorie(s) : News, Research

Published : 1 June 2015

Until now, the only photovoltaic cell with an inorganic p-type absorber tapped out at 0.1% conversion efficiency. Researchers from INAC recently broke this record, reaching yields of 1.25% with a prototype developed under a French National Research Agency-funded project. The cell uses a new pair of materials (quantum copper-indium-sulfur dots and nickel oxide) and perfects the separation of charges at their interface. The goal for this type of energy conversion is to eventually reach 4% to 5% efficiency.

Beyond its contribution to basic science, the research opens a field of new possibilities. The researchers are now working on pairing a p-type cell with the already-prevalent and less technologically-challenging n-type cell. Complete with two absorbers, this paired cell’s yields could surpass the 7% typical of n-type cells, all while maintaining the low cost of cells with inorganic absorber layers.


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