“Pseudo-supercondenser” balances power and energy requirements

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Published : 1 April 2014

A “pseudo-supercondenser” capable of delivering either high power in just a few seconds or a supply of electricity over several hours has been developed by two teams of researchers at INAC. The development hinges on silicon nanowires implanted on silicon using a CVD process that ensures full control over the nanowires’ length, diameter, and number. When the device is used in condenser mode, the nanowires boost the electrodes’ developed surface and raise total capacity to 30 times that of planar systems.
When used in battery mode, the electroactive polymer deposited on the nanowires further doubles the already-increased capacity.
The researchers are currently looking at several potential improvements, such as replacing the nanowires with “nano trees” to increase the electrodes’ developed surface even more.

Contacts: said.sadki@cea.fr and pascal.gentile@cea.fr



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