PX’Therapeutics focuses on new drug candidate

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Published : 5 December 2016

In the future, diabetics suffering from neuropathy (in their hands and feet, for example) could benefit from a new drug called atexakin, which regenerates damaged nerve fibers. Switzerland’s Relief Therapeutics Holding AG recently signed an agreement with Merck to develop, manufacture, and commercialize the drug. Merck then turned to Grenoble’s PX’Therapeutics to develop an efficient manufacturing process and to supply test batches of the drug for clinical trials.

This is a major contract for PX’Therapeutics, and will keep more than a third of the company’s employees busy for some time to come. An initial evaluation of the process has been completed, and development work is expected to commence in the coming days. Atexakin is a human protein made up of 185 amino acids—specifications that align perfectly with PX’Therapeutics’ know-how.

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