Quantum: CMOS withstands very low temperatures

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Published : 4 June 2021

In the future, quantum devices cooled to 10 mK will be used together with conventional electronics. Which raises the question of how well CMOS components, designed to operate at ambient temperature, hold up in temperatures close to absolute zero. To test out this scenario, researchers from Irig and CEA-Leti made hybrid circuits with the two technologies.

First, they evaluated a conventional CMOS TIA*, measuring currents in the picoA range. The circuit was able to withstand the cold, but its bandwidth was under 4 kHz.

The test was done on a 28 nm FDSOI circuit. To increase measurement speeds, improvements will have to be made to the design. As the research progresses, other CMOS circuits will be evaluated for quantum applications.

Contact: louis.jansen@cea.fr

*transimpedance amplifier 

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