Radiobiology: X-ray generator delivered to Irig

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Published : 5 April 2021

Irig recently received a 250 kV X-ray irradiator with a maximum dose rate of 10 Gy/min. The new equipment is dedicated to the CEA’s radiobiology program, where it is being used by the four Irig labs that provided the funds for the purchase. The labs are investigating the effects of low doses on cells and DNA. They are also studying the behavior of radioresistant bacteria that repair their DNA after exposure to radiation.

Before the new X-ray generator was purchased, the labs had been using the cobalt 60 sources at Arc Nucléart and, much more occasionally, the beamlines at ESRF. This X-ray generator only emits radiation during operation, making it an excellent solution for the work Irig is doing. Outside scientists will also be eligible to use the equipment.


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