Recommended reading: materials for renewable energy

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Published : 3 October 2016

LMGP’s David Muñoz-Rojas co-edited and is one of the authors featured in Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications, published in September by Taylor & Francis Group. The book includes contributions from researchers (from France, Turkey, Australia, the United States and other countries) active in the field and recognized by the scientific community. The chapter on solar cells was co-authored by seven LMGP scientists.

The book is intended for graduate students, PhD candidates, and working research scientists.
When it comes to renewable energy, making the right materials choices and optimizations are crucial. This book gives a comprehensive presentation of the different materials and associated technologies for renewable energy applications, as well as aspects crucial to developing materials (PV, batteries, condensers, hydrogen storage units, piezoelectricity, thermoelectricity, and superconductivity).

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