Recommended reading: Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires

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Published : 30 November 2014

Vincent Consonni (CNRS/LMGP) and Guy Feuillet (CEA-Leti) co-edited Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires, a two-volume, 630-page book published by Wiley-ISTE. Contributions from 44 authors from around the globe cover all aspects of GaN and ZnO nanowires with chapters on the wires’ physical properties, growth techniques, integration into heterostructures, and their use in optical devices.
This is the first truly comprehensive work on a hot scientific topic. Several labs around the world are focusing their efforts on nanowires, which offer great potential for a number of applications. Aledia, a start-up founded in Grenoble, is a prime example.
The book will be of interest to research scientists, engineers, industrial R&D professionals, and students.

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