Remote-control for micro-objects

Categorie(s) : Education, News, Research

Published : 5 October 2020

Victor Vieille, a Phelma alum who did his PhD at G2Elab and who is now conducting post-doc research with CNRS, is making a name for himself with research to magnetically remote-control micro and nano-objects. He also won a Grenoble-Alpes University Best Dissertation Award in the innovation category in 2020, has filed two patents, and is planning to found a startup.

The solutions he is developing are simple, compact, and affordable. They consist of a magnet mounted on a motor with micro magnets. When the micro magnets are activated, they generate very localized magnetic fields used to move and deform nanobeads, a microlens, micro-tweezers, and a micro-pump. Victor helped developed the technology behind startup MagIA Diagnostics and is interested in other healthcare innovations like labs on chip and organs on chip.


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