Rosi recycles photovoltaic manufacturing waste

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Published : 3 December 2018

Solar panels produce renewable energy, of course. However, like any manufactured product, solar cells also produce waste. In fact, 40% of the ultra-pure silicon used to make photovoltaic cells goes to waste during the diamond-wire cutting process. Startup Rosi was created in late 2017 to reduce this massive waste. The company is combining a chemical process with a metallurgical process developed in partnership with SIMAP* to transform cutting waste into polycrystalline silicon that can be used to produce cells. The material can also be used to produce more ultra-pure silicon.

SIMAP is already home to a pilot line that can process 16 tons of solid waste per year. Rosi has applied for EU funding under a H2020 project with the goal of building an industrial-scale demonstrator capable of processing between 200 tons and 500 tons per year. The company is hoping to get the green light from the EU in early 2019.



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*Laboratory for materials science and engineering, a partner of Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma school of engineering

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