Science Impulse innovates in researcher recruitment

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Published : 5 October 2020

What if up-and-coming scientists from around the globe were given opportunities to bring their novel ideas to three-year technology research projects? The Science Impulse program, which was introduced by the CEA Technology Research Division in September, aims to do just that! This year the program is offering candidates four challenges: smart fuel-cell management, exposome* measurement, 6G technology bricks, and architectures for the quantum processor of the future.
Scientists must have between two and seven years of experience (not including their PhD) to apply. The winners will contribute to developing the project with CEA experts. Science Impulse will cover the scientists’ compensation and benefits, at least one two-year post-doc position, and access to technology platforms and other research facilities. This kind of project-based recruitment is already in use at INSERM (a leading human-health research organization in France).

*All of a human being’s environmental exposures throughout his or her lifetime.


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