See all Grenoble-area research events at a glance at “38 de Sciences”

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Published : 3 December 2012

Launched just before the summer holidays, a new website called “38 de Sciences” (—set up jointly by the French Physics Society, Fondation Nanosciences, and Institut Néel’s IT department—gives Grenoble-area researchers a one-stop shop for information about upcoming seminars, conferences, thesis defenses, and other research-related events.
For now the information is given in French only and consists mainly of physics, biology, and chemistry events; the website replaced the notices formerly sent out by the French Physics Society. However, the plan is to extend the website to all scientific fields, including the so-called “soft” sciences.
“38 de Sciences” has been highly popular since its launch, with some 250 events listed for the first six weeks of fall alone. Of course, for the website to be useful event organizers must provide information in a timely manner; the free service depends on their active cooperation.
First-time visitors to the website can immediately see how practical it is. While the graphic design could stand to be improved, the information is presented in an easy-to-read manner and the site offers a slate of helpful features like search by keyword, date, or type of event; a choice of three RSS feeds to subscribe to (Physics, Biology & Chemistry, or All Events); automatic transfer of selected events to the user’s Outlook calendar; and the ability to share events by email alert.
“38 de Sciences” reflects not only the Grenoble area’s vibrant research community, but also the large number of foreign scientists and engineers drawn to the region.


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