Shaping tomorrow’s cities at MINATEC IDEAs® Laboratory

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Published : 2 June 2014

MINATEC IDEAs® Laboratory is currently running the Cité 2030 project in partnership with GDF Suez. The goal is to design the products and services that will shape tomorrow’s cities. The project partners are working from four development scenarios (which you can see here to look at how people will use cities for business, work, and entertainment—and determine what they will want and need in the year 2030.
The project results will be posted on a dedicated website this fall; selected solutions will be rolled out on a test basis to assess the general public’s acceptance of the new uses these innovations are likely to create. The technologies needed for the most relevant solutions will be developed by MINATEC IDEAs® Laboratory partner labs.

Cité 2030 video (in French):





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