Silicon photonics on course for reaching speeds of 10 Gbps and up

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Published : 8 December 2015

Leti is setting a new state of the art in silicon photonics link speeds. According to a dissertation on the topic defended in October by a Leti PhD candidate, the link speeds could reach up to 10 or even 15 Gbps in the coming years with subpicojoule- per-bit power.
Specifically, the research focused on rapid electro-optical interfaces that could overcome the current technological hurdles: a TIA (transimpedance amplifier), an electro-optical receiver suitable for the TIA, and two other receivers with optimized optical clocks. Over the past two years, the research has resulted in three patent applications and has been presented at four international scientific conferences.
The CMOS 65 nm components will ultimately be compatible with 28 nm processes, opening the door to even higher speeds.


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