Six motion sensors on just 4 mm2 of silicon

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Published : 2 June 2014

Tronics recently presented a revolutionary MEMS concept invented by Leti. The new MEMS packs in an impressive three accelerometers and three gyrometers on just 4 mm2 of silicon. The ultra-compact system will target the mobile phone market where it will enhance features like gaming and switching mobile phone cameras from portrait to landscape mode. There is currently nothing else like it anywhere in the world.
A suspended piezoresistive silicon nanowire—around 100 times smaller than the silicon beam currently used—detects movement. The signal is significantly amplified, and power consumption is very low. The new system could also be used for pressure sensors, magnetometers, microphones, and other devices that could be integrated onto the chip using a 100% silicon process.
Some fifteen patents have been filed.







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