Slashing LED costs fourfold now possible

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Published : 6 February 2017

LEDs developed under a joint research project between Leti and INAC could cost four times less to produce than competing products while generating three times more light. Ikea and Valeo are banking on it! The LEDs have not yet hit the market, but the two companies have purchased stakes in Aledia, the Grenoble-based startup that will produce the LEDs. The LEDs meet the needs of the lighting and microdisplay markets.

The huge reduction in costs comes from substrates—silicon instead of sapphire—that are twice as large and much less expensive, gallium nitride used in 3D bumps instead of 2D layers, and fabrication in 200 mm silicon foundries with no additional investment in production equipment.

The LEDs should also be able to emit a broader range of colors and shades of white. The innovation earned Leti and INAC an EARTO* Innovation Award in 2016.

*European Association of Research and Technology Organizations


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