Smart window films boost indoor cellular service

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Published : 5 April 2021

Windows with insulating glass are good for your energy bills, but bad for cellular reception. This type of glazing can attenuate cellular signals by 30 dB to 45 dB. Fortunately, IMEP-LAHC spinoff Lichens has a solution! The company’s smart plastic window films can mitigate signal attenuation by around 15 dB—enough to restore network service.

The innovation, which has been patented for Europe, the United States, and China, leverages clever patterns printed with a conductive metal ink that resonates with the glazing’s conductive layer. The film simply peels off for cleaning and will be easy to replace with a future 5G-compatible version. The product’s commercial release is slated for 2022 but Lichens is looking for test sites now. Interested?


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